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The 6 Best Audiophile Headphones — Black Friday 2021 Reviews

The 6 Best Audiophile Headphones — Black Friday 2021 Reviews

Best Audiophile Headphones

If you care about audio quality above all else, you'll want a good pair of audiophile-level headphones. While these headphones generally aren't the best option to use on a day-to-day basis due to their lack of active features, they're great for fully immersing yourself in your music while at home. They reproduce sound accurately, and most can create a spacious and open soundstage that mimics listening to music on actual tower speakers. They also generally look and feel well-built and comfortable enough to fully enjoy the music without being reminded that you're wearing headphones at all. Due to limitations with the Bluetooth connection, this article primarily focuses on wired audiophile headphones.

We've tested over 630 pairs of headphones, and below are our recommendations for the best audiophile headphones you can buy. See our recommendations for the best headphones for music, the best bass headphones, the best wired headphones, and the best studio headphones.

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